Rebuilding the Employee QTD

If you have run your employee QTD, YTD or W2 reports and they do not match your check register, you will need to rebuild the summary QTD files used for these reports.  There are several events that may have occurred and caused these files to become out of sync:   A machine could have crashed during posting or while a check was being voided,  or someone may have mistakenly edited the QTD database, rather than creating manual checks.   In order to correct the QTD reports you must delete all the QTD information and replace it.  

First, identify which quarter and year are incorrect. Due to limits that may be reached for FUTA/SUTA and other taxes, all quarters after the incorrect quarter will also have to be rebuilt. For the example below, we are rebuilding second and third quarter, as the discrepancy for second quarter was not noticed until after some third quarter information had been posted. Substitute the year and quarter that you are having trouble with for the year 1998 and quarter 2 in the examples. Otherwise, please be very careful to type in everything exactly as it is shown.

First, you will delete all QTD information for the incorrect and all following quarters: 


Be careful of spacing and the "2"  is the first quarter to be rebuilt. Also be sure to use the correct year.


This will remove the incorrect Employee QTD information. You must now rebuild the YTD information (even if you deleted all quarters for the year), so that only the "good" quarters are reflected.

You are now ready to rebuild the incorrect (any any following) quarters.

At this point the QTD and YTD information will agree with the check register. Remember, if you void checks across quarter or year boundaries, they will be positive amounts for the quarter they were written and negative amounts for the quarter they were voided. This may make it appear as if you are not balancing, but everything is actually ok.

After you have rebuilt the QTD, the 941 Liability report will reflect both the original postings and the newly rebuilt data - doubling the amounts in several fields. To correct this, run the Rebuild 941 Liability program for each quarter that you rebuilt. No additional preparation is required for this program, as it depends solely on the check register and not on reaching annual limits for FUTA/SUTA or other taxes.