Correcting Invoice Margins in Conductor™

For one reason or another you have discovered your sales margins from invoicing are not what they should be. This can be caused by failing to create a credit invoice when voiding checks, accidentally entering billing twice when reissuing checks, or entering the wrong workers' compensation code for a job order. You can correct this by following these instructions.

You will need to "create" an "invoice" using the Pre-Invoicing Window. If the error is on more than one customer you will need to create 1 per customer, using these directions for each customer in turn. This should be done only when there is no other billing that is awaiting invoicing for the customer being adjusted.

  1. Go to the Edit Pre-Invoicing window: Accounting | Invoicing | Edit View Databases | Edit Pre Invoices. Pull up the Customer you wish to adjust. Your screen should look like this:
  2. Page Down to the Second Page you will be in the Type field, as shown in the next figure. From Type, either press Ctrl-N, click Edit Detail on the menu bar or press F10, then select Edit Detail.
  3. Enter the Employee and the Job Order to which the error is related. Set the Income Type to Regular, Taxable to No and enter the Pay Period for the original invoice date. In Payroll and/or Burden put an amount the opposite of your original, incorrect entry. For instance if your billing was off $5 then you would want to enter $-5, and the same for the burden if the burden was $.50 you will want to make it $ -.50 Arrow down to Billing and put 0 (Zero) in all three fields. Push F9 to save the information and F9 again after you are returned to the Edit Pre Invoice screen (page 2). Then you may Escape the remainder of the way out.
  4. Note: This procedure will vary depending on what version of Conductor™ you are running. If it is version 3.12.E or earlier you will have to enter the amount in the Payroll field, as the Burden field is not accessible for editing.

  5. Run Create/Print Invoices from the Invoicing Menu. When prompted, enter the original invoice date and the customer ID. This process will create a zero-total invoice with margin adjustments for only the customer that was entered and your reports will come out correctly.